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Hongchao company was founded in 2005, is engaged in research and development of Thermoplastic Elastomers plastics, production of well-known enterprises. Companies in the industrial materials sector enjoys a good reputation, and a number of internationally renowned manufacturers to establish a long-term and stable relationship of technical cooperation. To provide technical support and the deployment of special materials services. The company has a database that offers a variety of materials analysis reports and other material, procurement of raw materials to customers and technical innovation to provide a better choice!
The company based on extensive research on the global environment requires high standards of situation, trends and new energy vehicles, companies are working closely with several universities, domestic and Research Institute, and jointly create polymer materials for worldwide environmental protection system, so the world’s people to share green products, we are located in Dongguan Zhangmutou production base, equipped with several sets of mixer and several sets of twin-screw extruder, the product quality strictly according to international standard quality management system control, operation, products are available through the customer The various testing requirements for customer delivery stable, reliable material.
Our products cover a halogen, a variety of thermoplastic elastomer field and raw materials development and application of functional fire-retardant TPE,TPR, TPV, TPU retardant, TPE plastic packages, etc. Uphold professional, pragmatism, integrity, innovative business ideas, to improve the service, enthusiastic attitude and strict standards, satisfactory results as the standard, to provide first-class Thermoplastic Elastomers plastics.








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