High grade Encapsulation TPE

Hongchao series of high-grade Encapsulation TPE, second injection with PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS, PA and other base material coated with an adhesive, tool handles can be widely used in various plastic bag, plastic bag garden tools, power tools package plastic, instrument dial encapsulated, intelligent wearable device, phone protective shell. This series of TPE has been successfully applied TTI, Fibit other well-known manufacturers.

Product highlights

  • Excellent organoleptic results
  • Superior sealing
  • Low migration values
  • Consistent opening torques
  • Conform to FDA and EU regulations for food contact
  • Approvals with major international beverage companies
  • Efficient processing on all standard lining machines
  • PVC Free
  • Recyclable
  • Suitable with the whole range of beverage processing methods from cold fill to sterilisation

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