PVC Resin

PVC is a building block of our daily lives, its versatility and performance benefits make it an ideal choice for a wide variety of applications in the construction, consumer, industrial, toy and automotive markets.

We’ve been developing PVC compounds since 2005 and continue to engineer new solutions to address current and emerging market demands. As concerns grew over the use of certain plasticizers in PVC compounds, we have developed non phthalate, DEHP free and low VOC compounds.

Our aim is to provide the best material solution for every application; our experts work hand-in-hand with you to develop customised solutions that help your business to grow.



• Hardness range from 40 Shore A to 60 Shore D

• Free of heavy metals and PAHs

• Food contact grades

• Non phthalate plasticizer

• All compounds are DEHP free

• Good UV resistance and weatherproofing

• Crystal clear, translucent, natural or colour compounded grades

• Foamed grades up to a density of 0.45g/cm3

• Antistatic and conductive grades available

• Polymer blends

• Easy to process via injection moulding and extrusion


Applications Include

• Footwear

• Toys

• Glazing profiles

• Construction gaskets

• Hoses

• Handles & grips






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  1. Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno- Handlowo-Usługowe " KVADRAT" Robert Bilecki says:

    Hello, Please guote the prince soft PVC injectoin transparent color with a hardness of 40 -60 shA ad what amuonts

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