TPV Compound

Sulfurized polyolefin elastomer (TPV) based on a dynamically vulcanized PP and EPDM blends for the substrate. At -60 ℃ to 130 ℃ temperature range can be maintained uniform nature, difficult to crack and tacky, has excellent heat aging resistance and oil resistance. Then with the PP has excellent effect, suitable for all types of handles.

TPV 100 Series
TPV 100 Series
TPV 200 Series
TPV 200 Series
TPV 300 Series
TPV 300 Series

Main Characteristics


(1) The diameter of rubber particles is 1 ~ 2 um; the crosslinking density of rubber particles is greater than 7*10-5 mol/mL; the particles inside contain filling and reinforcing agent, plasticizer and other additives.

The large number of small crosslinked rubber particles was dispersed, and there should be

no chemical bonding between the particles, makeing TPV with an excellent high flexibility.

(2) A small amount of plastic coated with crosslinked rubber particles to form a continuous phase,

resulting in TPV with excellent thermoplastic fluidity and repeated processability.


1.mainly designed for agricultural machinery, pesticide resistance with excellent performance.

2.The series uses a special means to enhance the ability of surface scratch resistant.

It is mainly used for parts required flexibility but requires scratch resistant areas, such as car mirrors,

triangular windows, etc.


1. 25kg/bag, 500kg/pallet.
2. Total 12MT/20GP without pallet.

3. Total 15 MT/20GP with pallet,1.26 MT/pallet.

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